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One Card For All The Other Cards

Why DigieCards?

Digiecard helps give you freedom of choice when purchasing gift cards, instead of buying a specific card for yourself or your loved ones, you can just buy digiecards and you can exchange them into any other cards within few minutes. Avoid embarassing moments such as mistakenly buying Google Play Gift Card for your cousin's birthday, not knowing that he's the biggest fan of Apple's products.

With DigieCards, you can just connect with us and exchange your DigieCards with new gift cards of your choice, within minutes, service available 24/7, even during holiday. Best of all, you can just give DigieCards as a gift as well, your loved ones can exchange DigieCards themselves. Thanks to you.

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About DigieCards

DigieCards is a solution to a common gift giving problem, especially with gift cards. DigieCards isn't for making payments, it cannot be used to purchase anything. Instead, it is exchangeable to selection of supported gift cards.

DigieCards currently supports and available for exchange with iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, PSN Network Gift Card, Steam Wallet Code, Amazon Gift Card, Target Giftcard, Walmart Gift Card of a same value, or split between different selection of gift card that cannot exceed the value of DigieCard. More cards to come soon.

Ways to exchange your DigieCard using our Website, Email, Phone, Whatsapp & Telegram. Digiecards currently available for customers currently residing and living in The United States (Including Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada.

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